Is Mediation for us?

You may believe that you and your partner have so much anger between you and that you find it so hard to communicate that mediation could not work for you. Distress is an unavoidable part of Divorce and separation, the goal is to be able to move forward and create a settlement that acan satisfy both of your needs. Mediation is not just for people who are already talking to each other, but for people who want to move forward and reach a settlement without regret.

 There are circumstances in which mediation is not appropriate, these include extreme instances where there has been a pattern of abuse in the relationship or one party can not express their needs, however instances where mediation is not appropriate is less common than people think.

 It would be unusual if you didn't have some anger when dealing with divorce or separation. Divorce inevitably is unsettling and upsetting. Mediation is not just for people who are already cooperating. The divorce mediation process is often most helpful when you and your partner find it difficult to talk on your own.

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