Professional Interaction

During the course of a mediation you may need the assistance of other professionals such as accountants. In certain circumstances, referral and consultation with other professionals may be recommended and if you don't already have a professional that you would like to use, we can recommend them to you.

Mediation does not mean that a lawyer should not be consulted. Mediators encourage consultation with a lawyer for you to be aware of all your rights under law enabling you to make informed decisions. A lawyer will also be needed to draft the final settlement agreement which is required to be filed in court. A mediator (even one who is an lawyer) does not give any legal advice throughout the mediation process.

When consulting a lawyer at any stage of the mediation process it is advisable to use them as a consultant rather than an advocate. They are there to advise you of all your rights and to offer information, but you will make the decisions about your life going forward.