Divorce Mediation

Choosing Mediation is the First Step to Moving Forward

Telephone Consultation

We will discuss with you whether mediation is suitable for your situation, answer any questions and set up an initial meeting. If You don't think mediation will work for you Click Here

Initial Meeting

An introductory session will be set up where the divorce mediation process is explained to you and any questions you have about the process can be answered. If after the initial meeting you both decide that you would like to proceed with the mediation, subsequent sessions will be set up.

Mediation Sessions

In the sessions you will work on the relevant issues, and will be assisted through the hard but essential conversations that you need to have to move forward. All possible options will be explored so that you can evaluate which ones suit your needs best. All agreements will be documented in a memorandum which will become the basis of the document that will need to be filed in court.