Providing Mediation Services to English Speakers

Mediation is a way of resolving your conflict when you have difficulty sorting it out for yourselves. It provides a system to work through the tangled chaos that a conflict creates. It is a way of facilitating the conversations you need to have and identifying and addressing the issues in conflict.

At the heart of mediation is language and communication. The nuance of words and how we say them are integral to mediation, and therefore having a native English speaker conduct the mediation is a key component to arriving at a successful outcome

Mediation In Israel was set up by Hadassah Fidler to provide an English speaking mediation service to the Anglo community in Israel. Hadassah believes that having an understanding of the cultural norms as well as speaking English as a mother tongue is essential to the mediation.

Hadassah Fidler trained and worked as a lawyer in England before turning to mediation. Hadassah retrained as a mediator in England and in Israel and now lives and works in Jerusalem where she conducts mediation as a sole mediator or with co-mediators depending on the circumstances.